11 comments on “Ular Sawa!!

  1. nuzzz says:

    semua ini ciptaan tuhan……….

  2. firenza says:

    apa cerita disebalik gambar ni? apa yg baru kena makan dgn ular tu?

  3. nadiahusna says:


  4. aima trg says:

    aku xske ular ngn boye,,,,,

  5. hazlina says:

    aku mau benci ular pun nda bleh coz sama2 makluk ciptaan ALLAH..

  6. hasbullah says:

    ular sawa 2 ape ye

  7. Bermea says:

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  8. Delillo says:

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  9. Shiyou says:

    Nice post! I absolutely agree..

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  11. Rajnish says:

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